August in the City

August in the city is a collaborative celebration of the works of August Wilson presented by The August Wilson Consortium and Iron Age Theatre. The Digital instillation presents a monologue from each of the 10 plays in August Wilson's' Century cycle presented by a noted Philadelphia actor in a story appropriate setting around Philadelphia. The companies are bringing August into the City of Philadelphia. The scenes, available below, are also accessible at a variety of locations (listed at the bottom of this page) and are accessible by QR code, one needs only pint their phone at the code on the August in the City plaque and click the link to watch the actors touch the heart of Wilson all around the City throughout the Fringe. 

1900: Gem of the Ocean

featuring Cathy Simpson as Aunt Easter

shot at Water Works Gazebo 640 Water Works Drive

The Story: A young man from Alabama visits Aunt Ester, a 285-year-old renowned cleanser of souls for help in absolving the guilt he carries from a crime he’s committed.


1930: The Piano Lesson

featuring Carlo Campbell as Boy Willie

shot at Mother Bethel AME Baptist Church 6th and Lombard

Te story of a brother and sister who have different ideas on what to do with the piano they own - keep or sell it. 


1960: Two Trains Running

featuring Damian Wallace Holloway

at 30th Street Station

The story of a local diner owner who fights to stay open as a municipal project encroaches on his establishment.


1910: Joe Turner’s Come and Gone

featuring Tiffany Bacon as Martha Loomis Pentecost
shot at The Blue Grotto at the CEC in West Philly
Set in a Pittsburgh, the story of Seth and Bertha Holly and the migrants who pass through their boardinghouse during the Great Migration of the 1910s.


1940: Seven Guitars


Niya Colbert as Louise

shot at West Philly 5733 Arch Street. Backyard.

The story of a blues singer just released from prison and ready to right the past year's wrongs.


1970: Jitney

featuring Eric Carter

shot at Iconic Barbers School House Lane And Germantown 

Set in a worn-down gypsy cab station in Pittsburgh, the story of men hustling to make a living as jitneys — unofficial and unlicensed taxi cabs.

1990: Radio Golf

Dwayne Thomas as Harmond

shot at Philadelphia City Hall

A powerful African-American politician runs for the highest office of his career, but as he steps into prominence, his plans collide with his past. 

1920: Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom

featuring Walter DeShields as Levee

shot at Philadelphia Uptown Theatre  2227 N Broad Street

Set in Chicago in 1927, the play explores issues of race, art, religion and the historic exploitation of black recording artists by white producers.


1950: Fences

featuring Brian Wilson as Troy

shot at Mander Playground, 33rd and Diamond

Set in 1950s Pittsburgh, the story of Troy Maxson, a restless trash-collector and former baseball athlete struggling to provide for his family.


1980: King Hedley II

featuring Nassastja Baset as Tonya

shot at Malcolm X Park

The story of an ex-convict trying to rebuild his life by selling stolen refrigerators so that he can save enough money to buy a video store. 

Curated by Richard Bradford and Patrice Armstead

and Directed by Richard Bradford

Video shot by Dwayne Thomas and John Doyle   Edited by by John Doyle at NASDtv


LOCATIONS for Viewing:

Look for flyers with QR codes at your favorite Fringe festival shows.