Karl Marx returns to earth in Your location to clear his name. This 70 minute production does more than simply examine the life and works of Karl Marx, but challenges its audience to consider the issues of Social Justice.

The Production has been touring the country since 2004 and has been performed over 300 times. To book a Performance email Bob Weick @ or complete the form below

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Bob Weick captured Marx and his ideas with the proper strength and subtlety, moving very effectively through a range of moods: humorous,angry, poignant. We admired Weick's transitions, change of pace, the nuances of feeling. In short, I am very happy with what Bob has done. John Doyle directed the play brilliantly .
Howard Zinn
Author: Marx in Soho & The People's History of The United States 
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Isa St Clair in Up From the Ashes

Richard Bradford as Fred Hampton

Richard Bradford as Fred Hampton

Touring Social JUstice Productions

Citizen Paine

    By Bill Hollenbach

Red Emma

    By Chris Braak

Up From the Ashes

    By Kate McGrath

    To My Unborn Child: A Love Letter                            From Fred Hampton

        By Richard Bradford

featuring Richard Bradford as Fred Hampton
Directed by John Doyle

Fred Hampton, Black Panther, Founder of the Rainbow Coalition and victim of police violence. Hampton was murdered at 21 in his home by Chicago police as he lay next to his pregnant lover. Iron Age Theatre freezes a moment in time so that Hampton can share his unique vision, his hope-filled dreams and his brilliant analysis of American issues of race, economic justice, and human dignity with his son. This play is part of the Iron Age Theatre Radical Thinkers stable of original works. Written by Iron Age Theatre core member, this world premiere will challenge and inspire.


Radical Acts:

Historical Voices of Revolution Educational Workshops


Iron Age Theatre offers Multi Day workshops where we work with students and historic texts and speeches. Crafting a performance while helping the students engage with, understand and integrate the texts they are performing.


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