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A Lesson Before Dying
by Romulus Linney
Based on a novel by Ernest J. Gaines

Directed and Designed
by Randall Wise and John Doyle

Walter DeShields
Richard Bradford
Liz Priestley
Damien Wallace
Lenny Daniels
Eric Wunsch
Dave Fiebert

November 8- December 1
Jefferson, an innocent young man, is condemned to death in Louisiana in 1948. At the trial his lawyer, trying to save his life, called him no more a human being than a hog. In prison, Jefferson says will be dragged like that hog to his death in the electric chair. His godmother asks a schoolteacher to teach him to die like a man. The teacher struggling with his own identity in the South, faces both Jefferson and himself as execution day arrives. Ernest J. Gaines' celebrated novel makes an engrossing, moving and finally devastating play for the stage.

Friday and Saturday at 8pm...Sunday at 2pm

at The Centre Theater
208 DeKalb St, Norristown

or call 610-279-1013

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