Philadelphia Premier
September 5, 6, 10, 11, 12, and 19th

at the 941 Theater
941 N Front Street, Philadelphia.(Northern Liberties)

as part of The Philadelphia Fringe Festival

Directed by John Doyle
Co Produced by David Yashin, John Doyle and The Centre Theater
Markus Zanders
David Yashin
Franny Calter
Krissy Johnson
Adam Altman
Matthew McDonough
Rachel Semigran
Chris Graziano
Dorien Belle
Todd Rodenhiser
Assistant Director - Lauren Joseph

Saturday, September 5 @ 8 PM
Sunday, September 6 @ 7 PM
Thursday, September 10 @ 7 PM
Friday, September 11 @ 7 PM & 9 PM
Saturday, September 12 @ 8 PM &10 PM
Saturday, September 19@ 2 PM

See the throat-slashing, rhyme-busting Shakesploitation II: Iambic Boogaloo, sequel to the sold-out 2005 Fringe hit. See R. Kelly and Juliet in “Trapped in the Closet”, , a screaming Viola in the muderdertastic “Friday the 13th Night”, and “Cobra Commander III.” The Badass bard is back! The original performances of Shakesploitation at the 2005 Fringe Festival sold out and received rave reviews. “One example of the inventive, unique offerings of the Philly Fringe is Iron Age Theatre and Centre Theater’s “Shakesploitation” trio. This fast-paced comedy features three classic Shakespeare plays” stated Lori Zaspel of Out and About Magazine. The City Paper commented “Shakesploitation! successfully purees the Bard in a blender with Shaft with “Grand Theft Othello”, the walking dead in “Romeo and Juliet II: Apocalypse”, and kung-fu in “Ninja Hamlet Burning Fist of Denmark.” The renditions will leave you in hysterics.”

Reviews of the origional production!
Shakesploitation! successfully purees the Bard in a blender with Shaft (“Grand Theft Othello”), the walking dead (“Romeo and Juliet II: Apocalypse), and kung-fu (“Ninja Hamlet Burning Fist of Denmark”). The renditions will leave you in hysterics. Cassio is pimped-out in crushed purple velvet and Iago is the kind of dirty cop you’d expect in blaxploitation. Then, Hamlet strives to defeat Claudius, kung-fu master, to be the greatest fighter in all of …Denmark.
James Saul
Philadelphia City Paper

One example of the inventive, unique offerings of the Philly Fringe is Iron Age Theatre and Center Theater’s “Shakesploitation” trio. This fast-paced comedy features three classic Shakespeare plays--Othello, Romeo and Juliet and Hamlet--and resets them into the cinematic worlds of 1970s film. Grand Theft Othello highlights the fight of Othello and his sidekick battling “the man,” while evil Iago is portrayed as a crooked cop. In Romeo and Juliet II: Apocalypse, the star-crossed lovers rise from the dead the day after their joint suicide-- as zombies bent on eating their reconciled families. Hamlet: Burning Fist of Denmark recounts the tale of Hamlet training with the Shaolin master Phat Ho to defeat the fighting technique of Claudius and avenge his father’s death. Ninja Rosencrantz and deadly duels both make an appearance.
Lori Zaspel
Out and About Magazine

We went to go see Shakesploitation last night, and laughed for two straight hours. As Iron Age puts it, and they're dead-on:

Being at the top of the literary heap for four centuries has subjected the works of Shakespeare to countless parodies. His plays have survived them all, even ones more lame and witless than this. Actually, the three pieces of Shakesploitation, which Iron Age Theatre and Norristown's Centre Theatre are presenting, are double parodies, combining takeoffs on Shakespeare plays with burlesques of movie genres. Thus, we have Othello done as a blaxploitation movie, a Romeo-and-Juliet-inspired zombie flick, and a kung fu Hamlet. .... I did admire the dedication of the people from Chicago's New Millennium Theatre Company, where the play was developed, to make Shakesploitation as silly as possible, and I commend the able performers for their energy and enthusiasm. They seem to really enjoy being a part of this theatrical foolishness - and if Thursday night's sold-out show is any indication, it seems that some theatergoers like seeing it just as much.
Douglas J. Keating
The Philadelphia Inquirer

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