Iron Age Theatre is daring to go theatrically where no one else will.

Iron Age Theatre has built their reputation the old fashioned way: hard work, great plays, dazzling risks. Defying the odds on both new theatrical venues and new and underappreciated classic scripts, the company consistently receives critical praise for their work.

Iron Age Theatre is entering its second decade and we'd like to invite you to journey with us as we embark on an ambitious growth plan while staying true to the vision that has drawn so many people excited about our unique brand of theatre.

The plays we choose challenge actors and audiences emotionally and intellectually. The company's commitment to high production values, daring direction and top quality actors create powerful, profound, life-changing theatre in an arts world that often plays it safe.

With non-profit status, we can now offer you more than just a potent experience as an audience member. You can actively help the company�s mission to create life-altering art, enhancing not only your experience, but other people's as well.

If you are interested, please contact us to get a copy of our brochure detailing donor levels all of which offer federal tax benefits.