Announcing our 20116-2017 Season

A Runaway, a Soldier, and a Snowball Fight.

by Leah Lawler

The culminating production of the PDC@IronAge residency. and world premiere, A Runaway, a Soldier and a Snowball reveals the tense, comedic surreality in Boston, 1770 in the days leading up to the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks, runaway slave, engages Sam Adams, a bumbling British soldier and a barkeep named Fergus each with a different agenda. Lauded as a martyr of the American revolution, sometimes history glorifies unfair murder as an act of defiance. History's first black casualty of political oppression, A Runaway, a Soldier and a Snowball fight mixes comedy and tragedy to drive home a message about the dangers of racism, the need for love and the indiscriminate nature of violence.
One of Deb Miller's Top 15 picks for the 2016 Fringe.


JaRon C Battle and Ned Pryce

Stage Manager Abby TOll

9/14-9/24 2016

At Fergie's Pub


The Return of Fringe Wraiths

At various Venues around the Fringe in September

To My Unborn Child:                                                     A Love Letter From Fred Hampton

by Richard Bradford

featuring Richard Bradford as Fred Hampton

Directed by John Doyle

Fred Hampton, Black Panther, Founder of the Rainbow Coalition and victim of police violence. Hampton was murdered at 21 in his home by Chicago police as he lay next to his pregnant lover. Iron Age Theatre freezes a moment in time so that Hampton can share his unique vision, his hope-filled dreams and his brilliant analysis of American issues of race, economic justice, and human dignity with his son. This play is part of the Iron Age Theatre Radical Thinkers stable of original works. Written by Iron Age Theatre core member, this world premiere will challenge and inspire.

Three Reading/Performance Hybrid Events to Honor the Assassination of Fred Hampton


December 4 @ 7pm @ The Drake Lobby


December 5 @ 7 @ % Saints Distillery in Norristown


December 6 @ 8 @ Wooden Shoe Bookshop on South Street in Philadelphia.


Endgame by Samuel Beckett

Spring 2017