Iron Age is haunting the Fringe with web-based site-specific theatre. Search for and click one of our QR codes w/ your smart phone at many Fringe venues and watch theater on-line that enhances productions or accents historic sites. Ethereal theater made permanent!
Audiences can enjoy the plays as individual pieces or a a series of scenes linked together.

At each of the designated sites, patrons can scan a QR code on a Fringe Wraith's red and black plaque with their phone or tablet and watch a short piece of theatre.  Like specters the actors appear in the now empty space. The production is free and runs the entire festival house at locations around the Philly Fringe.

Iron Age Theatre takes theatre into the digital dimension with Fringe Wraiths. The production is a series of short theatre pieces littered around the city at the sites of various Fringe Festival Shows and is available via QR Code and smart device. This wedding of technology and theater, of site and cyberspace, of the ephemeral and the permanent is breaking new ground artistically.

Iron Age hopes to have codes and plaques at at least 10% of the festival shows. The company has contacted and is collaborating with productions whose content or venue offers opportunity for one of the scenes. Each mini play is created by a team of playwrights and staff specifically for the venue or production it housed at.

Sometimes funny, educational or provocative, Fringe Wraiths is a new way of seeing theater.